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The Wheel of Darkness by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child – Pendergast #8 (EPUB)



FBI Special Agent Pendergast is taking a break from work to take Constance on a whirlwind Grand Tour, hoping to give her closure and a sense of the world that she’s missed. They head to Tibet, where Pendergast intensively trained in martial arts and spiritual studies. At a remote monastery, they learn that a rare and dangerous artifact the monks have been guarding for generations has been mysteriously stolen. As a favor, Pendergast agrees to track and recover the relic.


This is the latest book in the “Pendergast series” from Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. It’s their superhero FBI agent at it once again, saving lost pieces of art, relics and outwitting everyone all while making you, the reader, feel like you need to go out and start buying Hugo Boss suits and driving around in vintage luxury cars.

The Wheel of Darkness

I definitely love most of what these guys Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child write together. But I especially love the story line of FBI agent Aloysius Pendergast and his “ward” Constance Greene.Yeah the books are a bit over the top and Agent Pendergast gets away with A LOT of stuff no Real FBI agent would, but the books are great. Always some end of the world /Crazy person with a vendetta to destroy everything plot , and yet always different and fresh.

Many of the most prominent characters dealing with the problems that arose were new, and similar to events in the non-Pendergast book, The Ice Limit, much of the craziness took place at sea, and of course there was some sort of serial killer on the loose.

Some people were seemingly going mad, and there were even rumors of a monster!


The Wheel of Darkness epub download