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The basis for the highly anticipated limited series on USA starring Jessica Biel premiering August 2nd, The Sinner is an internationally bestselling psychological thriller by Germany’s Patricia Highsmith

On a sunny summer afternoon by the lake, Cora Bender stabs a man to death. Why? What would cause this quiet, kind young mother to stab a complete stranger in the throat over and over again, in full view of her family and friends? For the local police, it’s an open-and-shut case. Cora quickly confesses and there’s no shortage of witnesses, but those questions remain unanswered. Haunted by the case, the police commissioner refuses to close the file and begins his own maverick investigation.

The Sinner

So begins the slow unraveling of Cora’s past, a harrowing descent into a woman’s private hell. A dark, spellbinding novel, where the truth is to be questioned at every turn, The Sinner has been a bestseller around the world, and is poised to be a summer smash with the coming TV adaptation, already hailed as one of the most anticipated shows of the summer.

“The Sinner is unnerving and weird and guaranteed to stick with you weeks later.” -Sarah Weinman, editor of Troubled Daughters, Twisted Wives and Women Crime Writers

“Hauntingly insightful and sensitive.” -The Guardian

THE SINNER isn’t a straight-forward book. Part thriller, a most unusual psychological study. Cora is an incredibly complex character and it’s so easy to become one of the many experts around her, trying to sort out the lies from the truth. I know this was originally published in German, but the translation is excellent. It wasn’t an easy book to read but it was an extremely thought-provoking, worthwhile book to read. Obviously dark subject matter, but highly recommend for psychological thriller fans.

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