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Perfect Victim: The True Story of “The Girl in the Box” by Carla Norton, Christine McGuire (EPUB)



Called the “sex slave,” and “the girl in the box” case, this is the story behind Colleen Stan’s terrifying, seven-year-long imprisonment by Cameron Hooker as told by the district attorney who tried the case. Too bizarre to be anything but true, it is a tale of riveting intensity and gripping courtroom drama.


Just a horrific nightmare of a true crime story describing in detail (minus the smut) the kidnapping of twenty year old Colleen Stan. Such a tower of strength CS was to endure her captivity for 7 long years locked in a coffin-like box the majority of it, not to mention the pain she sustained from the on-going physical abuse, the humiliation of being unclothed, fear of dehydration, heat exhaustion, starvation and ultimately being treated like a slave. While not a pleasant read, the courtroom drama and testimony of Dr. Christopher Hatcher in particular was indeed gripping and thought provoking. Definitely a terrifying true life story from hell!

Perfect Victim

Only pick up this book if you are a real lover of true crime, and can stomach reading about the horrors people can dream up and inflict upon others. I can’t say this book has taught me anything other than that.