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Hardcore Twenty-Four by Janet Evanovich – Stephanie Plum #24 (EPUB)



This Jersey girl hits hard–twenty-four seven. The blockbuster Stephanie Plum series continues with Hardcore Twenty-Four from #1 New York Times bestselling Janet Evanovich.

Headless bodies are turning up all over Trenton, and Stephanie’s (kinda) boyfriend Morelli is on the case. Stephanie has cases of her own–a grave robber, a former skip who’s come back to town, a professional protestor, and anyone else Connie can throw her way. But with a hungry wayward snake to deal with, zombies hiding in the woods, and the reappearance of the enigmatic Diesel, the problems keep piling up.

Hardcore Twenty-Four

Just when you think Janet Evanovich can’t come up with a new way to torment Stephanie & Co, she raises the stakes. Not just in the danger level, but also the hilarious situations and fresh/familiar characters thrown into the mix. This is what keeps the series exciting even after this many books!

After all these years and all these books, Evanovich is still coming up with great dialogue, well-painted (if somewhat implausible) characters and situations which are absurdly comic but just believable enough to make an engaging story. It’s the dry wit which really keeps me reading, though. The Stephanie Plum series always makes me laugh out loud & this was no different. Lula, Stephanie & grandma Mazur didn’t disappoint. Of course the hunks Ranger, Diesel,& Morelli were there every step of the way to make things warm up. I never get tired of reading Evanovich.

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