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Bullseye by James Patterson – Michael Bennett #9 (EPUB)


Caught in the crossfire of a deadly standoff, Detective Michael Bennett must kill…or be killed.

Tensions between America and Russia are the highest they’ve been since the Cold War. As the countries’ Presidents travel to the United Nations to iron out their differences, a fashionable husband and wife team of lethal assassins prowls the streets of Manhattan hunting their prey–a professor hiding a scandalous secret. Their next target: the extremely popular President of the United States of America. Pulled away from his family and pressed into service, Detective Michael Bennett must trace the source of a threat that could rip the country apart–and what he finds may turn the Cold War red hot once again. With allegiances constantly in doubt and no one above suspicion, only Bennett can step into the line of fire to save the President before the deadly kill shot hits its mark.


Just another action packed book in the saga that is the Michael Bennett series. I love Michael Bennett as a character and these books never fail to keep one entertained. This was probably one of the most action packed books in the series.


There’s plenty of action, but most of it happens on the killer end where everything was planned to the nth degree. On the police side, not so much; that they got anywhere at all in their investigation seemed more like happenstance than professional competence.

I’m such a huge fan of the Detective Michael Bennett series and James Patterson in general. There is a reason that he’s a global phenomenon and he never disappoints. Bullseye is the ninth book in the Michael Bennett series, but you could easily read this as a standalone.


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