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Beautiful Bombshell by Christina Lauren – Beautiful Bastard #2.5 (EPUB)



The gentlemen from Beautiful Bastard, Beautiful Stranger, and Beautiful Player are out for a wild night on The Strip.

When Max, Henry, and Will steal Bennett away for a weekend of shenanigans and strippers in Vegas, the first stop of the night doesn’t go at all as planned. With their scheme for a Guys Weekend completely derailed anyway, Max and Bennett begin to play a wild game of stealth and secrecy in order to have their bombshells all over Sin City.


Here is the night when boy/men are supposed to be boy/men in Las Vegas. You have Bennett, Max, Will and Henry all out to celebrate Bennett’s future marriage to Chloe.

Picture movies that have hysterical happenings and mixed up meetings. Picture lots of drunken fun with scams, blackjack and women with questionable DNA.

That is the picture… now scramble it a bit… mix in some kink, some surprising escapes and you are almost there.

Beautiful Bombshell

But here is the best and most surprising part of this little novella…. inside this fun, flashy and trashy time is some of the sweetest, most honest feelings for the women Bennett and Max love.

We experience amazing connections through their sexy times… hot… feverish and sublime….with thoughts coming from the male POV’s… revealing all the wonder and rapture each man feels for his lover and soon to be wife.

This is a little throw away as an introduction to Beautiful Player, Will…. but reveals so much more about our friends Bennett & Chloe and Max & Sara.

Another great novella that continues the Beautiful Bastard Series. I can’t seem to get enough of these books and these guys! This is quickly becoming one of my favorite series just for the great humor and the hot sexy-time we get.


Beautiful Bombshell epub download