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The Missing by Caroline Eriksson, Tiina Nunnally (EPUB)



An ordinary outing takes Greta, Alex, and four-year-old Smilla across Sweden’s mythical Lake Malice to a tiny, isolated island. While father and daughter tramp into the trees, Greta stays behind in the boat, lulled into a reverie by the misty, moody lake…only later to discover that the two haven’t returned. Her frantic search proves futile. They’ve disappeared without a trace.

The Missing

Greta struggles to understand their eerie vanishing. She desperately needs to call Alex, to be reassured that Smilla is safe, or contact the police. But now her cell phone is missing too. Back at her cottage, she finds it hidden away under the bedsheets. Had she done that? Or had someone else been in the cottage? But who, and why? As Greta struggles to put the pieces together, she fears that her past has come back to torment her, or she’s finally lost her grip on reality…

In this dark psychological thrill ride—with more twists than a labyrinth and more breathless moments than a roller coaster—Greta must confront what she’s always kept hidden if she has any hope of untangling the truth.


What is it about Scandinavians that we find so fascinating? With the predominance of blonde hair and blue eyes, glowing complexions, and slender, athletic figures they look like children from the Dawn of Time. True, their homelands are cold and barren, but their society is well-ordered and logical. After centuries of producing some of the most fearsome warriors in human history, they’ve denounced violence in favor of peace, equality, and fairness.

But violence is hard to eradicate and there’s plenty of it in this story. There’s the careless emotional abuse of faithless spouses, the mindless brutality of angry teens, and the measured, deliberate cruelties meted out by a charismatic sadist. And, as always, violence begets violence as surely as night follows day.