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A Face in the Crowd by Stephen King, Stewart O’Nan (EPUB)



The writing team that delivered the bestselling Faithful. About the 2004 Red Sox championship season, takes readers to the ballpark again. And to a world beyond, in an eBook original to be published on August 21, 2012.

Dean Evers, an elderly widower, sits in front of the television with nothing better to do than waste his leftover evenings watching baseball. It’s Rays/Mariners, and David Price is breezing through the line-up. Suddenly, in a seat a few rows up beyond the batter, Evers sees the face of someone from decades past, someone who shouldn’t be at the ballgame, shouldn’t be on the planet. And so begins a parade of people from Evers’s past, all of them occupying that seat behind home plate. Until one day Dean Evers sees someone even eerier….


Face in the crowd is a fairly predictable little tale. What’s amazing about this story, and almost any King story, is the spell King casts over the reader. Its fast acting and powerful. One paragraph into the story, you’ve blocked everything else out. It’s just Constant Reader and the story. It’s really that simple. It’s a short read, with a satisfying ending, but for me A Face In The Crowd highlights beautifully Kings master ability to ‘Tell The Tale’.

King and O’Nan could have gone over the top horror or gross out horror, but instead, they went with honest to goodness psychological terror; because they have written such a great character in Dean Evers, and we are drawn so well into his world, we feel his fear. It is our own.

By the novels dénouement, nothing about baseball will ever be the same for Dean Evers. In fact, nothing will ever be the same for him again.

I was absolutely thrilled with every aspect of this book. It’s well told with a compelling protagonist and brilliantly drawn secondary characters, a plot you won’t see coming a mile away and an ending that will leave you breathless with shock. Stephen King and Stewart O’Nan hit it out of the Park with A Face in the Crowd.